Sunday 8 March 2015


Elves do not exist, a myth, a fairytale. But why then, are there so many stories of their glory, but also their wrath? There are worse things in this world; the undead, dragons, and all manner of savage creatures. There are more beautiful creatures in this world too, unicorns, nymphs and the like. Why then, do the stories tell of the great and powerful elves?

The great empires of forgotten ages, elves. The wars against the heavens, elves. All the stories of tempted mortals, elves. If they did exist though, what would they be like?
There are places in the world where reality stretches thin. In these locations, usually deep within forests, or underground, or at the peaks of mountains, the world of the elves seeps into our own. In these places the normal laws of nature do not apply. Trees grow a hundred times taller, mountains form eldritch shapes and the creatures grow wild, both in form and behaviour.

Strange Elvish Terrain
Roll a die
D10 Terrain
1 A series of trees woven into a natural wall
2 Trees a hundred meters tall, naturally formed stairs winding their way up the trunk
3 Fingers of rock, thrust up through the sward, as thin as a finger, in precise geometric patterns
4 Entire villages made of gingerbread and populated by man-eating fairies
5 A spring of pure white wine bubbles forth from a white marble statue of a chicken
6 Giant crystals in incredible colours, some the size of a house
7 Purple mist permeates the area, causing euphoria in anyone breathing it
8 Hundreds of statues of varying races. They whisper secrets to each other
9 A river of water, black as ink, winds its way through the trees
10 A huge canyon stretches as far as the eye can see. The clouds floating below look oddly solid.

Wild Creatures
Roll two dice
D10 A With
1 Horse A unicorn’s horn
2 Duck Pure silver fur
3 Chicken The ability to breathe fire
4 Bear Long, stilt like legs
5 Wombat Ten legs
6 Deer An engorged head
7 Badge A fearsome roar
8 Lion Two heads
9 Ostrich Giant claws

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