Friday 26 December 2014

A year in review

I started writing for half an hour a day, exactly a year ago. This blog has been my main output, with a bit less than fifty thousand words published. This is a piddling amount to most writers (I assume, not knowing many writers) but to me, it is a massive achievement.
My output throughout the year has been extremely variable, although I stayed fairly consistent with two to three articles per month. That output dropped considerably in the last few months because I was working on the Chronological Town Generator. I built it to help with the Nocte timeline but it turned into a massive project on its own. I am going to put it aside for the moment in order to focus back on the blog.

I realised recently that I have not yet written much about the really interesting (to me at least) aspects of the city. The daily lives of the poverty stricken, the labourer, the lawyer and the priest. Poverty and its effects on societies are not often mentioned in rpg settings so hopefully people will find lots of interesting details to make their games more immersive.

I had a lot of fun writing the “Isle of the Unknown” posts, so I think I will do something similar with other books. Modules converted for Nocte, inspiration from other hexcrawls etc. My personal favourite blogs of the year have been my take on the races: The Dwarves of Csarnok, The Halflings of Blonks, Some things about Orcs and The Reformation of the Orlick Goblins of Atmos so fleshing them out a bit more should be fun. I also need to do a blog on the Kobolds of the swamps.

It would also be nice to produce something more practical for people, so I am compiling and fleshing out a campaign I ran a while ago, in which the power hungry Annabella Giorando does whatever it takes to regain her families fortune, hopefully with the willing help of the PCs. It has a little combat and a lot of scandals, bribery, blackmail and politics. I am in two minds as to include stats at all and whether to do them in LotFP or 5th ed D&D format. I guess I should do both.

One year down, onto the next, I hope it will be as fun as the first.


  1. Actually that Goblins thing was pretty cool. Can you write more about that?

  2. Thanks, I will do that. Especially on how those goblins behave in the city.


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