Sunday 13 April 2014

The Street of Sadness

A street in the city has recently been renamed the street of sadness. 

Most people walking down the street report feeling depressed, as if all the happiness has been sucked out of the area. People have been moving out of the surrounding homes and for a brief time, produced a rare sight in the city, abandoned buildings. Kobolds appear to be unaffected by the sadness so quickly moved into the homes left vacant by the departed.


A Kobold blood cult smuggled a minor demon from the swamps and are feeding it stray animals and whatever waste they can find. The demon Oidoon is responsible for the sadness pervading the area. Oidoon made an effort to reward those who feed him, they do not suffer from the sad malaise infecting the area, but instead fills the kobolds with mad exuberance. Unfortunately Oidoon cannot distinguish between the members of his cult and normal kobolds. Normally sober and somber Kobolds are suddenly getting the urge to run through the streets whooping, howling and causing quite a ruckus. There have already been injuries due to wild Kobolds and deaths may soon follow.     


Random Kobolds:


  1. A naked kobold runs down the street, knocking over an old woman, the kobold cackles with glee and gives a rude gesture.
  2. Three kobolds dance around a broken, burning lantern. The doors of an adjacent stable are open and the stables are full of flammable hay.
  3. A large group of
  4. kobolds are having an orgy in a marketplace, the more frenzied they get, the more non-kobolds are supernaturally tempted to join in.
  5. Tomorrow is the day of silence for Lurgh, the cities deity of contemplation. The high priest is a kobold though and she can't stop laughing. She has been begging for help for a week but no one seems to be able to help.
  6. A massive pile of rats is discovered in a small square, each of them missing its tail. Kobolds have been seen wearing rat tail necklaces but none of them will admit where they got it.

Effects of sadness:
  1. "All the happiness has been sucked out of the world and no one will ever be happy again."
  2. "I can't stop crying, why can't I stop crying?"
  3. "No one loves me, what's the point of even living"
  4. "I can't seem to get up in the morning, I just lie there and stare at the ceiling."
  5. "Pain is the only sensation strong enough now to make me feel."

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