Monday 13 January 2014

The Twin Palaces of the City in Darkness

Although there are many large and grand buildings in The City in Darkness, the largest by far are the Day and Night palaces of the Duke.

The Night Palace

Located on the edge of the rock, the Night Palace is an imposing symbol of authority, if not the actual source of that authority. The warped motifs of the fa├žade do nothing to lighten the impression and as the formal seat of power in the city, as well as the home of the courts, the building is the most hated by the populace of the city. The wing of the place that holds the palace of justice (as the courts are known) is bordered by Walker's square, a large open square and the site of city executions. Other wings of the Night palace contain the guildhalls for some of the most powerful guilds in the city including the grazers and plumbers guilds.
There is a large throne room in the Night palace, but it has been largely unused for generations. The Dukes of the city prefer to live in the Day Palace. The current Duke has never actually entered the Night Palace, preferring to have his servants relay information from the city proper.

The Day Palace

The Day Palace, the actual home of the Duke, lies on a completely different plane than the Night Palace and the city. A portal hidden deeply in the Night Palace leads to a tiny, idyllic island in the middle of a vast ocean. There majority of the island rises on steep cliffs above the ocean but a few small coves contain beaches and a small port. The port is not commercial however, as no other islands have ever been found on this world, despite extensive voyages by several explorers. The only other inhabitants of the world seem to be aquatic or aerial. This relative paradise has long been the actual home of the dukes of the city. The Day palace is a vast labyrinth of endless towers and halls, completely covering the island. Despite being double the size of the city, only 1000 people live and work in the Day Palace. This then, is a massive symbol of wealth and inequality in the city. Much of the island's buildings lie neglected and abandoned, each generation preferring to build in the latest styles. Since the population is kept segregated, few in the city know the Day Palace exists and even fewer know the extent of the island. Even the guild masters who actually run the city only ever see a few halls and courtyards. Despite the complete lack of actual power the Duke holds, it is a source of pride amongst the people of the Day Palace that they still hold this island paradise for themselves.

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